Effective Weight Control

In conjunction with a proper diet, exercise is vital for weight control. Even low intensity exercise can be effective for those desiring to lose and maintain weight. The higher the intensity the more body fat and calories you burn.

Elevated Mood

Exercise can help one’s overall mood and outlook in many ways. First, the idea of making a positive life change can empower new exercisers. The feeling of accomplishment at the end of a good exercise session is hard to beat. Additionally, the “runner’s high” is a payoff of exercise. After 60 minutes or so of intense exercise, the brain releases endorphins – intrinsic chemicals produced by the brain that elevate mood, and bring an overall sense of well-being.

Increased Motivation and Improved Diet

Exercise, without proper diet will generally leave most people short of their overall health and fitness goals. While exercise alone will lead to some degree of weight loss, and will increase strength and endurance, true fitness requires both exercise and good nutrition. It is generally easier to commit to 60 minutes of exercise per day, rather than 24 hours per day of good nutrition. Beginning with an exercise program will often lead to improved nutrition. Most exercisers don’t want to “waste” their exercise sessions by undermining their efforts with poor nutrition.

Increased Discipline in Life

Although everyone should be able to reserve 60 minutes per day for exercise, the majority of us don’t. Those that do exercise, show a level of discipline that many lack. The payoff of this show of discipline is weight loss and improved overall health. Generally, the positive reinforcement of a successful exercise program will help the successful fitness enthusiast apply that discipline to other areas of life. Suddenly, work performance, home life, and personal business affairs all improve from this newfound resolve and self-discipline.

Live Longer, Live Healthier

Humans, like other living things, are dynamic organisms. Given that all living things are constantly changing, people are either improving, or declining. Regular exercise can ensure that an individual is continually improving, and can stave off the physical and mental decline that occurs with age. Studies show that even mild, regular exercise can extend life span, and improve mental and physical functioning as people age.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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