Vicki Grasso is the owner and principal of BODYFIRST, a personal training fitness service dedicated to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals.  Vicki is a mum of 3, personal trainer, marathon runner and fitness addict!
Vicki Grasso - Body First
In 2005, Vicki Grasso was an office worker who left her well-paying career as an electrical engineer to pursue her passion for helping people achieve their health and fitness goals.

Vicki was fuelled by her love of health, sport and fitness. As a former competitive gymnast, swimmer and marathon runner, Vicki knew what it took to get fit and stay fit. She wanted to share this with others.

When she opened BodyFirst, Vicki created a fitness sanctuary to provide tailored fitness programs. She recognised that everyone has a goal they want to reach as well as challenges or beliefs that are holding them back.

For Vicki, staying fit and healthy is rarely a question of time or ability. Fitness and a healthy lifestyle are all about priority and motivation. Although she is a busy mum of three children and she spends a lot of her time training clients, Vicki still manages to lift weights, swim and run marathons.

Vicki uses her experience as a fitness trainer to help others get fit, stay motivated and live a healthy lifestyle. She cuts through the confusion to provide practical, tailor-made exercise and nutrition programs that put your body first and in turn save you time and hassles.

Vicki is a fully qualified and registered gym instructor, group exercise instructor and personal trainer with certification from the Australian Fitness Network and the Australian Institute of Fitness.

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