Elias is studying medicine at university and is a book lover. Exercise is not really his thing. In fact, he used to skip school to avoid sports carnivals. 

Elias wanted to increase his weight and build his muscles to improve his fitness and his appearance. He was feeling frustrated with his weight of 66kg. He had attempted personal training sessions at other gyms but never managed to increase his weight or his strength.

In May 2015, when he started at BodyFirst he was so thin and weak that he could not do a single push-up. Now he can do more than 100 push-ups and is lifting very heavy weights. In nine weeks, Elias gained 14 kilos to achieve his goal of a healthy weight of 80kg. 

Vicki Grasso worked with Elias to develop a simple program that would work for him. The program involved clean eating with enough calories and the best types of foods to achieve his goals plus a six-day a week muscle gaining weights program. Vicki tracked every single meal he ate – all six meals every day – and ensured he completed six workouts each week. 

Elias’s strength quickly improved and he feels great. He even surprised himself during a three-hour super bootcamp session. He couldn’t believe he did it and did it so well.

His next goals are further muscle definition and toning, getting even stronger and further improving his fitness.


Written by: Vicki Grasso

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