Kathleen is a gutsy lady. She is a breast cancer survivor and the mother of a daughter with disabilities. She’s also an active member of her community and is involved in local events and fundraising.

When it came to exercising, Kathleen found it hard to find the time. She felt frustrated and her dodgy knee made some exercises difficult. Also, the chemotherapy she underwent had taken a toll on her physically and mentally.

When Kathleen came to BodyFirst she wanted to lose weight and improve her strength. With the help and motivation of Vicki Grasso, she lost 9.2kg in six months through small group personal training sessions (three sessions each week) and following the paleo nutrition plan.

In addition to training consistently she has also participated in:

  • The BodyFirst paleo 8-week body transformation challenge
  • BodyBlast fitness weekend events
  • Three-hour super bootcamp sessions.

Kathleen has improved her cardiovascular fitness, upper body and core strength as well as her lower body strength which resolved her knee issues.

Kathleen feels great and proved to herself that anything is possible if you give it a go.

She also loves the compliments from family and friends who have noticed her more toned body shape and flatter abs.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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