Vincent loved to play soccer and had good fitness but he wanted to tone up and improve his strength. He also wanted to push himself further and dreamed of running a half marathon.

Vincent didn’t know how to take his fitness to the next level.

Through regular hourly sessions at BodyFirst, Vincent toned up and sculpted his whole body. He has improved his overall strength especially in his upper body, chest, back, shoulders, arms and abdominals.

In addition to great muscle definition, he achieved his fitness goal of running 21km in the SMH Half Marathon in May. It was the first time he had run that distance.

Vincent has now increased his sessions from an hour to 90 minutes to push his fitness even further. He continues to lift heavier and heavier weights and is following a three-day weight lifting program devised by Vicki Grasso in addition to his personal training sessions.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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