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After 15 years of passion, research and trial-and-error, I finally “cracked the code” with respect to a unique, foolproof diet program that cannot be beaten.  In fact it is this same diet program that had me, a 45 year old mother of three, take out 1st Place in the recent ANB bikini model competition!!  I am so excited about the results I’ve been getting, that I now want to get it out there to a few more people in A WAY THAT COSTS YOU NOTHING!

Here’s what I mean….

  • People often spend money on unhealthy food, take-away etc often
    because it’s convenient to do so. What if people could spend that
    same money on tasty, nutritious, calorie-controlled food and obtain it
    in a way that is even more convenient than anything else!  Now I think
    we’re on to something here!!
  • Put it this way, over the last month I have gotten a bunch of people
    that I know that are close to me to trial this unique diet program AND
I now want to put it out there to more people of which you could be one.

This is how it works

  • 21 delicious, calorie-controlled, restaurant quality meals delivered
    to your door each week.  Works out to just $11.67 per meal delivered to
    your door!!!!
  • You will be able to access all my BODYFIRST studio workouts via my
    facebook page via live video streaming.  Saves you time and money. –
  • You will be invited to join my exclusive Facebook Group for added motivation.

Should you already be SOLD on this, then email me straight back or call me on 0428 220 345 and I can confirm if you are one of the first 10 people via our website.

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Should you require a bit more information, then read on

When I say that you will receive 21 delicious, calorie-controlled, restaurant quality meals delivered to your door each week, what I mean is this

  • I have a chef that will prepare and cook the special meals and have
    them delivered to your home every week, fresh on a Sunday night and a
    Thursday night.  You will get to choose from a simple menu what choice
    of meals you want to order so that you are not eating the same thing
    all of the time.  21 meals all up for the week, freshly cooked not
    frozen. Every 2 weeks the menu changes so you get ongoing variety,
    loads of nutrients, continual results and don’t get bored.  Besides,
    as you start to see the weight drop off you, you’ll be far from bored!
    The meals are portion controlled and macronutrient controlled for
    optimum body toning results. All the work is done for you;  ALL YOU
    HAVE TO DO IS EAT!!  :)  No shopping, no cooking, no weighing, no
    stress. Just follow my instructions and YOU WILL LOSE BODY FAT.  THE
  • When I say that you will be able to access all of my BODYFIRST
    studio workouts via my facebook page via live video streaming, what I
    mean is this… Sometimes it can be difficult and time-consuming for
    people to get to a gym.  Here you’ll be able to access my BODYFIRST
    gym workouts via live streaming at home or work or wherever you are.
    If you can’t catch them live you can replay them later at a time that
    suits YOU.  No two workouts are ever the same. Every workout I do is
    created by me and is different and varied. Over 15 years I’ve trained
    hundreds and hundreds of people and I know the most effective
    exercises to lose bodyfat and get results.  By upping your exercise
    you can fast track your bikini body progress. Simply follow my
    guidance, exercises and instruction.
  • When I say that you’ll be able invited to join my exclusive Facebook
    Group, what I mean is this….     This will be a Facebook Group that
    you will be invited to join that is exclusively for people that are on
    the Bodyfirst Bikini Body Diet Program.  This is for 24/7 support and
    motivation. Learn the nutritional value and health benefits of the
    foods your eating, how to stay on track, how to be consistent and how
    to succeed with sticking to my program. This support group taps into
    your mindset and helps you to stay inspired..


Yes so it works out to just $11.67 per restaurant-quality meal delivered to your door!!  All else is complimentary!
All up just $195 per week for BODYFIRST MEMBERS. $245 Per week non BODYFIRST members.

I suggest that you try it for yourself for a month and experience the results for yourself.  See what it’s like to really SLIM DOWN!  You can stop it at anytime….


BodyFirst Bikini Diet Program