Over and above the typical day-to-day stuff that I do;  just this week I have:-
Given additional exercises/stretches (for people who needed it) to do at home

  • Given specific alternative exercises for people in the classes to do (who I know have injuries)
  • Given specific dietary advice tailored to individuals
  • Given motivational advice to some members who seemed like they REALLY NEEDED IT!  LOL
  • Given specific and individualised Goal Setting advice
  • Listened to members feedback and adjusted exercises/classes accordingly. (Always happy to chat about this stuff, even if it’s over a coffee after Yoga (as we do) on a Saturday morning.

This is just not something you get at a gym!  Here, you will never feel like just ” a number”.  Here, you are well and truly KNOWN and CARED ABOUT.  In fact it is so personal that when you don’t turn up, it is NOTICED and YOU ARE MISSED!

For all of these reasons we tend to find that people who join tend to be people who stay.

Should you feel that for all these reasons you may want to join then please give me a call today or tomorrow. Tomorrow is the last day that the $100 Lorna Jane Voucher will apply.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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