Healthy Breakfast Menu Options


Have 400ml water upon waking plus

If you want to keep up with the latest developments in the processed food market, the processed cereal aisle is the best aisle to walk down.

Breakfast cereals are supposed to be good for you, and the relatively unprocessed ones still are, but most are now so thoroughly processed and sugared and filled with additives that they might as well be cookies.

You might think a child can eat a bowl of cereal with milk but apparently this is not easy or quick enough for today’s busy people.  Welcome to the breakfast processed alternatives; bars, breakfast cereal drinks-up and go’s; bagels, muffins, muesli bars anything that can be eaten on the run.

Sugars have calories.  Calories contribute to weight gain which is a risk factor for heart disease later in life.  Don’t fall for the marketing tricks on the packaging; ‘high fibre’ ‘helps lower cholesterol’ ‘natural flavors and colors’.  Immediately turn over the box and read:

1.       Sugar content (lower the better)

2.       Fibre content (we need 25-30gm per day higher the better)

3.       Additives, flavors, preservatives (none is best)


Cereal and fruit
45gm cereal or 2 weetbix.   Other allowed cereals are:
o    Untoasted museli (morning sun or Yousli)
o    Plain oats (not flavoured)
o    Kellogg’s Guardian
o    All Bran
o    Protein 1st
o    Digestive 1st
Plus 1 serve fruit e.g. 1 banana, 1 orange or 1 cup mixed berries or 100gm grapes or 1 cup of melon +
½ cup skim milk, almond milk or low fat soy milk.  If you like your cereal sweet, add some fruit or a bit of your own sugar to one of the above cereals as it will be way less than the sugared breakfast cereals.

If your not a cereal person try these healthy breakfast options:-
Raisin toast

1 raisin toast with 1 tsp of honey +
200 gm diet yoghurt or 100gm full fat yoghurt+
1 serve fruit

1 cup skim milk, almond milk or low fat soy milk +
½ cup frozen fruit (strawberry, banana, mango or mixed berry+
1 weetbix

Egg on toast
1 slice wholegrain or wholemeal bread+
1 poached egg+
Grilled vegetables e.g. mushrooms, tomato, English spinach+
1 cup fresh orange juice or 1 serve of fruit

Ricotta or cottage cheese on toast
2tbs ricotta or cottage cheese+
1 punnet of strawberries or 1 serve of fruit+

On your way to work
1 white skim coffee, cap or latte, tea or skim hot chocolate with 1 tsp sugar.


Written by: Vicki Grasso

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