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You need about 2L of hydrating fluid every day.  This includes water, juice, smoothies, milk, and yoghurt.  This excludes caffeinated drinks.  Aim to drink water all day.

Initial goals
1.    Lose 2 – 2.5kg in two weeks.
2.    Drink 400ml of water when you wake up.
3.    Aim for regular meals 4-5 eating occasions, Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.
4.    Aim to include a protein source at every meal.
5.    Aim to drink water all day as often as you can.  It’s essential for health at all times.
6.    Rest and sleep is critical:  Good performance and recovery occurs through good quality sleep.  Ensure your body gets 7-8 hours of continuous uninterrupted sleep
7.    Raw fruit and vegetables are key detox foods, so this plan includes them in abundance.
8.    Cleanse your digestive system and eliminate waste products and toxins in your body.  Give your body a full internal cleanse and allowing a wide variety of foods for good nutrition value, toning and weight loss results.
9.    Avoid junk foods, alcohol, processed foods high in fat and sugar with poor nutritional value.
10.    CHICKEN – Trim the skin to avoid fats. Use free-range / organically fed ONLY (not necessarily the same thing – some free-range still fed with hormones and antibiotics)
11.    EGGS – 4-5 weekly maximum, unless you are confident you are not allergic / sensitive. If OK, you can increase, as good protein and iron sources. Free range / organically fed only.
12.    DAIRY – Avoid cows’ milk / cheese. It creates mucus in tubes and mal-absorption. Natural acidophilus non – flavoured yoghurt good. Goats’ or soy milk / cheese where possible.
13.    RED MEAT – in moderation. No sausages and no mince. Avoid delicatessen meats (high in fats, offal content and toxic preservatives). Trim all fat.
14.    LEGUMES / PULSES / GRAINS – Lentils / beans / Soya / tofu / tempeh. Good vegetable protein. Good detoxifiers. Avoid high aluminium Soya brands.  Preferred brand:- Pure Harvest, Bonsoy, Vitasoy.
15.    All foods to be fresh and organically grown/fed whenever possible (higher in nutritional value, lower in toxins).


“JUNK” Foods – AVOID Processed Foods/Sugars/Fats/Additives.

Suggested Meal Plan
Variety is a great way to get a good range of nutrients.


Have 400ml water upon waking plus

Cereal and fruit
45gm cereal or 2 weetbix.  Allowed cereals are:
o    Untoasted museli (morning sun or Yousli)
o    Plain oats (not flavoured)
o    Kellogg’s Guardian
o    All Bran
o    Protein 1st
o    Digestive 1st
Plus 1 serve fruit e.g. 1 banana, 1 orange or 1 cup mixed berries or 100gm grapes or 1 cup of melon +
½ cup skim milk, almond milk or low fat soy milk
Raisin toast

1 raisin toast with 1 tsp of honey +
200 gm diet yoghurt or 100gm full fat yoghurt+
1 serve fruit

1 cup skim milk, almond milk or low fat soy milk +
½ cup frozen fruit (strawberry, banana, mango or mixed berry+
1 weetbix

Egg on toast
1 slice wholegrain or wholemeal bread+
1 poached egg+
Grilled vegetables e.g. mushrooms, tomato, English spinach+
1 cup fresh orange juice or 1 serve of fruit

Ricotta or cottage cheese on toast

2tbs ricotta or cottage cheese+
1 punnet of strawberries or 1 serve of fruit+

Water as your main drink.

Grainy sandwich or grainy bread roll with up to 40gm lean chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon or 1 egg or 1 slice of cheese with plenty of salad.

2 small sushi rolls or 1 large roll with small side of sashimi and 2 cups of salad.

A 6 inch sub with less than 6gm of fat with lots of salad.  No dressing.

Lots of salad vegetables, raw or cooked.   Wide variety, especially dark green leafy / red and orange /¼ avocado + (½ cup cooked steamed basmati or brown rice or cooked couscous or peas/corn)+ (40gm lean chicken, turkey, tuna, salmon) or 1 egg or 1 cup 4 bean/lentils/chickpeas+ lemon juice or no fat / fat free salad dressing.

1 cup cooked pasta in Napolitano tomato sauce + 1 tsp of parmesan cheese sprinkled + 40gm lean chicken or tuna + large side of garden salad.


2 slices of lean ham, turkey or lean chicken or small tin of tuna 95gm net+
Salad veggies e.g. cucumber, lettuce, carrot, sprouts+
½ piece of wholemeal bread (Lebanese, soft tortilla, pita or mountain)

Aim for the following meal composition at dinner:

¼ plate lean protein
o    90gm lean meat (e.g. skinless chicken, trim lamb steak, lean pork) OR
o    120gm lean fish (salmon, snapper or any seafood)
o    1 cup kidney beans, soy beans, 4bean mix, chick peas, lentils, cooked legumes OR
o    2 eggs

¼ plate carbohydrate

o    ½ cup steamed cooked basmati or brown rice OR
o    ½ cup cooked pasta OR
o    1 slice wholegrain or wholemeal bread OR
o    1 small wholegrain or wholemeal roll OR
o    1 slice sweet potato (1.5cm thick) OR
o    1 steamed medium sized potato 100gm OR
o    ½ cup cooked couscous OR
o    ½ cup quinoa OR
o    1 piece of fruit OR
o    ½ a Lebanese bread OR
o    Small pita pocket

Small amount of healthy fat

2-3tsp of olive oil, flaxseed oil, canola, udo’s oil, rice bran oil, ¼ Avocado, 6 raw nuts.

Unlimited vegetables

½ plate or MORE of cooked veg or salad veg.
Make it colourful Green, orange, red, yellow.  Vegetables such as corn, peas, potato, sweet potato contain more carbohydrate (hence calories) than other vegetables.  Eat these in accordance with carbohydrate serves.

If cooking a stir fry use soy sauce, oyster sauce and bit of water and limit oil to 2-3tsp max per day.

Dinner Meal Suggestions
Grilled fish and vegetables
120gm Grilled salmon, 1 steamed potato (100gm approx.) and large garden salad

Sashimi salad
Fresh sashimi or raw salmon salad with ½ cup of steamed rice

Tofu salad
90gm Tofu with unlimited salad with ½ cup steamed rice

Grilled chicken or beef with veg and brown rice
90gm chicken breast or lean beef rump steak stir fried with unlimited vegetables and ½ cup brown rice + extra salad on the side

Tuna and bean salad
1/2 cup 4 bean mix + 95gm tin of tuna / tin of salmon / or 95gm tin of chicken + ½ cup sweet potato diced+ pumpkin + bowl of mixed salad + 1 tsp of olive oil + Balsamic vinegar

White fish fillet and vegetables
120gm white fish fillet with 2tsp parsley, 1 tsp capers, 100gm diced steamed potato and unlimited steamed vegetables (beans, broccoli, asparagus, carrot and pumpkin)

Lean pork and salad
90gm lean pork cutlet, trimmed of all fat grilled with 1 potato 100gm and large salad

Lamb and steamed vegetables

90gm lean lamb trimmed of all fat with steamed vegetables (peas, broccoli, carrots) and ½ cup cooked couscous or quinoa

Eating out (No Alcohol, No Desserts as they have no nutritional value just extra calories which we dont need)

You can always find a healthy option if you look for it and it’s your choice on what you choose.  If you must have a glass of wine then no fruit for that day and an extra hour of cardio.

Beef Salad

Mixed Vegetable stir fry with ½ cup cooked steamed jasmine rice

Tom Yum soup

Beef or braised chicken or seafood stir fry in oyster sauce

Braised prawns and mixed vegetables

Tofu and vegetable stir fry

Sweet and sour prawns

Chow Mein beef, chicken, pork or seafood

Steamed fish and Chinese vegetables


Sashimi salad

Tofu salad

Miso soup

Teriyaki chicken or beef

1 sushi roll large or 2 small

Udon noodle soup


Veal Marsala and mixed vegetables

Pasta entrée size serve (marinara, Napolitano, cannelloni 2 tubes) and salad

Garlic prawns and salad

Garlic calamari and salad

Club or any other event

Look for garden salad (lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, capsicum, and beetroot)

Look for steamed/grilled fish or lean chicken/beef (no fat and no skin and nothing fried, palm size serve).

½ cup cooked steamed rice or 1 steamed potato

Mc Donalds

Roast chicken salad

1 packet of fresh sliced apple

Weight and measureportion sizes.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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