Firstly, let me say this…. FIT PEOPLE RARELY GET SICK.
One thing I’ve noticed in this job is that people who get sick often repeatedly get sick.  Why?  Often because they are overweight, lazy and don’t exercise enough.  Seasonal exercisers (those who start and stop) are the worst hit.  I’m telling you… fit people rarely get sick, rarely need to go to the doctor and rarely need medication.  Unfit people can often take weeks to get over a bug, need several scripts of medication and then before you know it they’re sick again whereas a fit person’s recovery only takes a few days and their work and productivity is not affected.
I have not missed a workout in 10 years.

If you don’t feel your best, your trainer can easily modify your program if you like.  You don’t have to do an intense workout.  Rather do a gentler workout and still do something.  Let your trainer know in advance.

It’s all about keeping the consistency; keeping the momentum; keeping the routine; keeping the HABIT of exercise going. ANY workout is better than NO workout.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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