HEALTH FUELS LIFE! Begin to understand very deeply this…People that are fit and healthy think faster, move faster and tend to get things done faster.  It is well documented that people who exercise regularly have better and faster brain function therefore they tend to be able to get stuff done in quicker time.

So.. really health should come first… everything else comes second.  By putting health first…. the energy, quicker brain function and vitality should in itself make up for any “lost time”.

When you begin to live your life from the mindset and standpoint of ‘HEALTH FUELS LIFE’ you begin to elevate EXERCISE way up the list of PRIORITIES knowing that a HEALTHIER AND MORE ENERGIZED YOU results in a more effective, happier, energetic parent, employee, business owner, partner (and all of the other identities we represent in this fast-moving age).

So remember these 3 things:

Health first
Health fuels life
Life is Everything



Written by: Vicki Grasso

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