We are getting busier and the life we live is becoming more hectic and stressful. That’s just fact of life. Often we need to grab a take-away. This guide is all about making healthy PALEO takeaway choices wherever you are.

TRANS FAT – is the worst fat. It is made by processing cheap unstable oils. Trans Fat is responsible for weight gain, hormonal problems, digestive problems, heart disease, depression,  mental health diseases, and others. We should avoid Trans fat completely, but unfortunately many companies using Trans fat in food, because it’s cheaper than the real deal. Take away places using cheap cooking oils (trans fat) to deep fry their food. “Famous” fast food chains which using trans fat are KFC, MCDonald’s, Hungry Jack’s, Oporto, Pizza Hut and Domino’s pizza. You don’t need to avoid all these places, you just need to know what to order :). Important! Other restaurants and takeaway places use trans fat too, so just to be safe AVOID ALL FRIED FOOD.

2)  SUGAR – sugar causes inflammation and inflammation is stress for your body. If your  body is busy dealing with the stress, it can’t heal, repair or burn fat. To reduce sugar in diet you should be aware of all the hidden sugar. Especially in take away food. Yes we all know that Ice cream and coke has sugar, but not many of us realising that satay sauce from Thai take away is almost as bad like the small ice cream cone. You can’t go wrong with salads. Yes many dressings has sugar and trans fat, but if you order salad at any take away shop you also can ask for no dressing or just a bit of lemon juice and vinegar. To reduce sugar eat salad with no dressing or just a bit of lemon juice/vinegar/olive oil and grilled meat no sauce!

What’s the best take-away options to choose:
WILD HEARTS CAFE – Great North Rd Five Dock – They offer Almond Milk in Smoothies and Coffee’s.  I tried an Almond Milk Cappachino this morning and it was delicious.   Wild Hearts Cafe is BODYFIRST recommended choice for breakfast and lunch. Wild Hearts is also one of few places using olive oil in their food.
Breakfast – Klara’s protein shake (protein & honey & banana & peanut butter & almond milk), poached eggs (no toast),  scrambled eggs.
Lunch – Chicken haloumi salad, Prawn salad.
MOCHA CAFÉ Five Dock – Great choice for breakfast. You can “design” your own breakfast.
Breakfast – eggs scrambled or poached, you can add, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms and pesto.
Mocha also serves great soups for brunch in cold days. Don’t forget NO TOAST :)
SUSHI Restaurant – any location – Offer many healthy choices.
Lunch, Dinner – miso soup, sashimi salad, salmon salad, avocado salad, tuna salad, chicken or beef salad (NO TOFU), sashimi plate, grilled salmon, grilled meat and rice paper rolls.
MCDONALD’s – any location – The only choice from McDonald’s would be grilled chicken salad without dressing and fruit bag. They are the only place open 24×7 so you can grab a grilled chicken salad at any time.

SUBWAY – any location – Subway’s healthy choice is a salad. I would suggest double up the protein (yes, you have to pay extra $3 but that’s called 6pack tax). The only sauce you can have is hot chilli, but I personally would go only with salt and pepper.
NUTRITION STATION – any location – Nutrition station is one of the best choices for your “cheat meal”. They make quality burgers, wraps, salads and protein smoothies. All their meat is quality & grass fed, smoothies not too sweet and you can find many healthy products there.
THAI – any location – unfortunately almost all thai dishes contains heaps of sugar and that’s one of two NO NOs. Safe choices will be always salad with meat :)

RED ROOSTER – any location
Quarter of grilled chicken with peas

TOP “safe” choices for Paleo

1. Steak/Grilled Chicken with salad and steamed vegetables
2. Skewers (fish, meat, seafood) with salad and/or steamed veggies
3. Scrambled or poached eggs with vegetables
4. Steamed vegetables with meat/fish/seafood
5. Baked meats/fish/seafood/vegetablesSalads without dressings with meat or eggs (protein)
6. Handful of Raw or Roasted Nuts
7. Lear Soups – vegetable/meat fish (NO noodles or rice)
8. Sashimi or canned fish/chicken in spring water
9. Smoothies from almond or coconut milk with a bit of fruit (NO added sugar, optional protein powder)

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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