The Winter SHRED Challenge

To help keep you on track this Winter BODYFIRST is running a 13 week Winter SHRED Body Transformation Competition starting at BODYFIRST on Saturday 28th May.  It’s a new optional 13 week Winter challenge with three compulsory components:-       Attendance:  You must consistently attend at least 3 BODYFIRST fitness sessions (personal

Best Healthy Eating App

Whole Food Market Recipes App (Free) Whole Foods Market Recipes is one of the best recipe apps currently available. It is sleek, fast, and has a good selection of recipes. The drool-inducing photos don’t hurt either. The Whole Foods app is especially useful for dieters because you can search by

Train your Brain

The effort of running or any other intense type of exercise is only as hard as your brain perceives it to be. If you train your brain to get used to mental fatigue and pain, the task of staying on pace and getting through your workout or run will be