Bloomberg Square Mile Relay

One Team, Ten Runners. One Mile Each. BODYFIRST is looking for a team of 10 members to participate. You will improve your running and cardio fitness, have fun and participate in a fun team event along the spectacular course at Bangaroo. After the relay you can enjoy the afterparty with live

Healthy Lunch Ideas

Here are some great lunch and snack options: Monday Wholemeal sandwich with roast chicken, lettuce and avocado Hummus with carrot and celery sticks Container of grapes and strawberries Small tub of strawberry Jalna yoghurt Small healthy banana wholemeal muffin Bottle of water Tuesday Individual vegie frittata (leftovers make great lunches)

Good Carbs vs Bad Carbs

As a long distance runner and personal trainer, my favourite food is of course Carbs!!!  I only eat good Carbs though, those on the left and rarely those on the right.  60-70% of my diet is good healthy Paleo OK natural Carbs.  I exercise and I burn them off. The