It is quite common [too common in fact] that we let our TRUE selves down by coming up with excuses that prevent us from doing what deep down we know we really should be doing.  These are the most common excuses that I want everyone to be mindful of as we progress along the journey that will be 2015…

* I’m too busy
* I’ve got an injury
* I don’t feel well
* The timing’s not right
* I’m not motivated
* I can’t afford it
* I’m too tired

I’m going to tackle each of these EXCUSES head on and 1 by 1 in a separate short email each day over the next week.  Please read each email as it will help to cement the mind-set that I want us all to kick off the year with and STICK WITH for this exciting year of 2015.

Also this year I will be highlighting and continually emphasising the sacred premise of “Health Fuels Life”.  More on that later… For now…. Psyche up….  Get ready to dig deep…. This year is all about YOU looking after YOU!  We’re all in this together.  It’s January.  It’s 2015.  We all want to look good, feel good and we all have the means to make this happen.  Every effort we expend is worth it.

Let’s do it.

Written by: Vicki Grasso

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