Small Group Sessions
Small Group Sessions

Try our small group classes. Every class is in a small group, lots of variety and personalised. Rather than separating cardio and strength we combine it in all our sessions to give you a time efficient high calorie burning workout every time focusing on improving your overall fitness.

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  • This is my second month of training and it’s been great, I really enjoy the variety of each BODYFIRST session and training with a great group of people. I am already noticing a difference in my fitness levels and I have so much more energy throughout the day. I would recommend BODYFIRST to anyone.

    Laura Marjuki
  • I have been doing the BODYFIRST fitness sessions for almost 2 years now and can happily say it was the best decision I could have made for myself. Exercising in the morning is a great way to start my day especially because each session is different and although pushed to my limits the results are […]

    Vanessa Hamilton
  • Vicki is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer and unbelievable motivator. She loves what she does and it shows! I have been working out with BODYFIRST for about 9 months and after the birth of my second child I have pushed myself harder and have become stronger than ever under her direction and always look forward to […]

    Carmen Pisano
  • I have known and trained with Vicki and BODYFIRST for the last 3 years and find her sessions to be fun and challenging with a lot of variety. I don’t think in 3 years I have ever done exactly the same session twice. Vicki is an excellent trainer who is committed to helping her clients […]

    Robyn Thomas
  • Vicki is an inspiring trainer, don’t let her sweet demeanour fool you, she works you hard! Vicki’s passion for good health and well-being is contagious, she is always introducing new exercises routines and nutritional information, which keeps me motivated and engaged. I love that every week is different. I really enjoy my BODYFIRST sessions and […]

    Mariangela Diaz
  • I have been training with BODYFIRST for over 2 years. I find it is the easiest way to get that exercise in when you have a young family. I always feel great when it is over! I am also actually surprised that I look forward to it, and each session is never the same. My […]

    Venetia Maher
  • I have done both private personal training and small group personal training with BODYFIRST and found that I achieved fantastic results. I receive great care and attention. I get an intense workout whilst having lots of fun in the process. Vicki is a great personal trainer and a lovely person and I highly recommend BODYFIRST to anyone.

    Tammy Gill
  • Vicki is a great motivator and consistently gives us exciting and different exercises that keep you interested and your body hurting! She is great at managing everyone’s different fitness levels and ensures everyone is comfortable and working hard – highly recommend BODYFIRST to achieve any fitness goal you have. 

    Kerry Timmins
  • I’ve been attending BODYFIRST sessions for over 4 months now and its great. I discovered Vicki by word of mouth and she has helped me get back into shape after having a baby. Day one – I couldn’t do one push-up! That’s changed now and she has helped me lose all of my baby weight. […]

    Leanne Boyle
  • I have been doing the BODYFIRST classes for 4 years. After having my first child I sought out a personal trainer who offered a varied workout and motivated me to work hard without feeling like I was being punished. Vicki’s classes are fantastic. She offers a friendly environment that caters to all fitness levels. She comes with a wide range of equipment for the workouts. These include mats, boxing equipment, weights and medicine balls. I always leave the class feeling like I have had a great workout.

    Sophia Lucas
  • Thank you BODYFIRST, its fantastic training with you. Thanks for making me fit!

    Margaret Kinda
  • Thank you for your support and guidance. We are both feeling fantastic thanks to your encouragement.

    Lillian Tornato and Joanne Mancuso
  • I was very happy to find Vicki, her friendly nature and subtle push is just what I was looking for, the time and days are easy to fit into the weekly schedule. BODYFIRST offers great value for money in a friendly environment where you are all participants are in the same boat. I noticed results […]

    Rebecca Edwards
  • I have so much fun training with BODYFIRST. Thank you for making it so easy for me to enjoy and stick to your positive energy, support and motivation is contagious! It has been a pleasure meeting you and I think you do a wonderful job.

    Cassie Fleming
  • I am so much fitter and happier since starting with BODYFIRST and Vicki’s sessions! I’ll be honest – some of her sessions are tough but it is so rewarding to complete them and reap the benefits afterwards (once the pain has eased!!) I value Vicki’s enthusiasm and commitment in helping others achieve their fitness goals. […]

    Karlie Jackett-Simpson
  • BODYFIRST not only teaches you about fitness, but it provides an opportunity to provide a healthier lifestyle for your entire family. 

    Leigh Zirrili
  • I love my BODYFIRST Running Sessions – it’s the only reason that gets me up so early on a Saturday morning! Every week, there’s always something different to look forward to – whether it’s a long, steady run one week, sprint training the next, or fartlek’s the week after that – and there’s never a […]

    Caroline Hall
  • Dear Vicki, Thanks for organising such a lovely night out and for always inspiring us to do better. We appreciate your constant support and the genuine care you show to each one of us

    Love The Gang
  • I have been attending BODYFIRST fitness sessions for several months now and have noticed a dramatic transformation in my body. I am more toned, muscular and fit than I have ever been in my life. I have muscles that I didn’t know existed and my fitness has improved out of sight. Vicki is an amazing […]

    Hannah Kothe
  • I love the range of exercises that BODYFIRST provides during the outdoor bootcamps and working out along side others really pushes you to do your best and work harder. I also enjoy the kickboxing and boxing classes in the studio as well for the variety. I am quite a fit and athletic person so love a challenge and BODYFIRST certainly provides that. Thank You.

    Laura Stott
  • I love the BODYFIRST program. Time is great because it allows you to plan the rest of the day. The weather has been great and the sessions are a fantastic incentive to exercise and I enjoy the chance to socialise with others as I don’t get much time to do that. I enjoy all the […]

    Rosanne Paci
  • I’d like to thank Vicki Grasso of BODYFIRST for helping me to achieve my goal weight. With the encouragement received from Vicki, she has helped me to feel better about myself. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is seeking to look and feel great. Thank you BODYFIRST for everything you have done for […]

    Mary Gabrielli
  • I really enjoy your BODYFIRST sessions and getting active and I love how your own energy rubs off on us. Many thanks for a great service.

    Tracey Muccillo
  • My goal was to gain fitness and lose weight! BODYFIRST training method has exceeded my expectations, I am now fitter than I have been in five years and have regained my pre-baby body! Training outdoors was excellent – lots of fresh air and a great environment for Mackenzee to play in with the babysitter and […]

    Tenille Southcombe