I’ve been attending BODYFIRST sessions for over 4 months now and its great. I discovered Vicki by word of mouth and she has helped me get back into shape after having a baby. Day one – I couldn’t do one push-up! That’s changed now and she has helped me lose all of my baby weight. Her group personal training sessions are great fun. It’s with a mixed group of ladies from various ages and fitness levels. There is a great variety of exercise from cardio, weights, medicine ball work, floor work and boxing. Vicki supplies lots of encouragement to everyone and everyone becomes very supportive even when you really don’t feel like exercising. I am surprised how much I enjoy it. Vicki knows the right balance between getting the best out of you considering your fitness level and not being pushy. I would recommend BODYFIRST to anyone looking for a fun, enjoyable workout that you actually look forward to.